The Vision

Fogo aerial copy

Protect & Serve

The vision for Fogo Island is for it to become a place of refuge for the endangered marine life that relies upon it while letting it become a place where people can enjoy the special beauty of the place in a manner that protects and serves its ecology.


We also believe that Fogo Island can play an important role in serving the region’s ecology and economy by becoming a center for marine ecology research and protection activities. We hope to see the projects developing from Fogo Island become a legacy that plays a pioneering role in the protection of endangered marine life (especially the great sea turtles) in remote northern Mozambique, while generating awareness of and accessibility to this place in the larger world.


We believe that by bringing economic opportunities to the island, the happy and industrious people that abide here can be encouraged to see that there is more value to them in protecting and cherishing their environment, than in destructive exploitation for food and income.